Lifting for Fit Strong Women Over 50

Episode 100 – Lifting for Fit Strong Women Over 50

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In episode 100, Jill and Chris review what they have learned during the past 100 episodes. Many topics have been covered, but what really stands out is the importance of strength training.

Over the past episodes there have been many experts who have talked about lifting for fit strong women over 50, including how to get started, progressive overloading, good form, avoiding injury, tracking progress and more.

In this episode, Jill and Chris discuss the “whys” and “hows” of lifting and include clips from past episodes featuring interviews with:

4 thoughts on “Lifting for Fit Strong Women Over 50”

  1. Congratulations, Chris and Jill, on your monumental accomplishment of 100 episodes!! I am very happy for you and grateful for the important work you are doing for us and future generations. Thank you for this great repository of wisdom, encouragement and camaraderie!

    1. Thank you so much Lois! I really appreciate you reaching out to us. We’re really excited to be able to do this as well.

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