Aging Strong with Gail Lind

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In episode 85, Jill and Chris interview Gail Lind, who at age 65 discovered she had a passion for lifting weights. She starting working out, became a personal trainer and class instructor at Anytime Fitness in Alabama. Gail offers insights and inspiration to women about aging strong in the second half of their life.

We discuss:

  • How being fit changes aging
  • Benefits of getting fit
  • How she started
  • How she got off the “treadmill to nowhere”
  • How she changed her workout after she hit a plateau
  • What changed her life – physically, emotionally psychologically
  • “You got one body”
  • What inspires her to keep aging strong
  • How she revised her diet and nutrition with protein and fiber

She talks about the best way to start in the weight room. (Interested in getting started at a gym? Read Jill’s recent article about how to get started at a gym.)

aging strong with Gail Lind
Being strong and fit allows Gail (right) to hike with her sister (left) and enjoy her life more fully.

Her gym: Anytime Fitness Hampton Cove

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