Lift Like a Girl with Nia Shanks

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In episode 79, Jill and Chris talk with Nia Shanks, who specializes in helping women “unleash their awesome” with an empowering approach to health and fitness.

Nia’s philosophy revolves around strength training programs with a focus on getting stronger. She also stresses flexible, obsession-free, nutrition principles.

Nia Shanks is a coach, writer, speaker, and author of Lift Like a Girl and The 100-Day Reclaim. She has a BS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Louisville.

Through her popular blog and online coaching courses, Nia has helped thousands of women look beyond “quick weight loss” and discover the amazing body they never knew they had.

During the conversation, we discuss:

* Getting started with weight lifting
* Barbells vs dumb bells
* Is it cheating to use a Smith machine
* How to get deeper in squats
* Improving deadlifts
* The role of cardio
* Why she says “You don’t have to earn your food” “Exercise isn’t punishment”

Books: Lift Like a Girl and The 100-Day Reclaim
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