2019 Resolutions: One New Vegetable a Week

Now that it’s the new year, we’re all talking about goals and resolutions. I’m looking for easy to make changes. In our podcast episode, Setting Goals for the New Year (episode 25), we discuss some simple changes we can make to our lives, such as add another vegetable to each meal or drink more water. I always need to drink more water so that’s a good one for me to do. I could probably add more vegetables to my diet so that might be a good one for me to work on too. One way I can do that is to take the “one new vegetable a week” challenge.

One New Vegetable a Week Challenge

Now that goals are on our minds, Chris and I decided it might be fun to do a one new vegetable a week challenge. We’re going to try to eat a new vegetable a week (new to us, that is).  It doesn’t have to be a completely new vegetable but can be a variation on one. For example, I’ve eaten red beets but I know that golden beets are very popular. If I buy, cook, and eat a golden beet, I’ll include that in the challenge.

This is similar to the benefits of buying a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) package. That’s where you buy a weekly or monthly subscription to a local farm and get a bag or basket of whatever they’re harvesting at that time. People often say they must learn how to cook a particular vegetable because they’ve either gotten a lot of it or have never had it before.

Regardless of how you’re eating, you probably are supposed to be eating vegetables. Eating a great variety of vegetables provides you with a greater variety of nutrients. Remember the thought of eating the rainbow. (I don’t know who started that saying but it’s all over the internet, so I can’t attribute this to its creator.)  The theory is to eat vegetables of all different colors because they provide a wide range of nutrients. In other words, the greater the variety of vegetables you’re eating, the great the variety of nutrients you’re getting.

Feel free to join us in our “one new vegetable a week” challenge! I think in our Facebook Private Group, we’ll be sharing our new veggie ideas with each other. Feel free to join us there. Or just post your new vegetable in the comments here or on the Facebook Becoming Elli page.

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