Tai Chi & Qigong with Nancy Gardner

Tai Chi & Qigong with Nancy Gardner – Episode 60

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In episode 60, Jill and Chris talk with Nancy Gardner, a certified instructor of Qigong, Tai Chi and other martial arts.

Nancy is all about movement. And she LOVES to move… her body and her mind.

She has been training since 1985 and teaching professionally since 1994.Nancy also is a state-licensed massage therapist and Polarity Therapy practitioner.Certified instructor Nancy Gardner demonstrates

Nancy draws on these disciplines and metaphysical studies to create unique, experiential wellness programs for various groups and organizations.

Passionate about learning, teaching and sharing, Her mission is to empower individuals to be as healthy as they can be and to find balance among the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

Presenting locally regionally and internationally, her audiences range from corporate executives to full-time moms, from the medical community to accounting firms, from nuns in their 80s to teens, and everyone in between!

Nancy told us that Tai Chi is great for any age person and for people at different fitness levels. Athletes find that Tai Chi provides with the left/right brain work,dded balance, and is a great cross training. For the couch potato who hasn’t exercised in a long long time Tai Chi is a meaningful way to get started.

For a more difficult workout, Nancy will add weights and sometimes she plays with solid bricks in her hands “which is a SERIOUS workout.”

Health Benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong:

  • Studies have shown that practicing Tai Chi helps prevent frailty and falls among older adults. Proven with control groups among seniors.
  • Tai Chi is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH) as one of the integrative medicines for balance.
  • Other studies show great promise and benefits for cardio/pulmonary fitness, bone health, improved balance and fall prevention, helps with confidence & perceived abilities, stress reduction and overall quality of life. WOW!

Two things she wanted to add about eating/diet

  1. Eat mindfully. Appreciate your food and the nutrition that is in it.
  2. When you do eat or drink something less than healthy, enjoy every bit of it. NEVER eat or drink anything while thinking or saying, “I shouldn’t do this.” Because then, energetically, you shouldn’t!

You can find Nancy online at NG Energy and her email is NancyG@NGEnergy.us.

In addition, during this episode we also gave a shout out to Shelly Drymon for having us on her podcast. If you want to head over there to take a listen, it’s called Women Over 50 – a Life Redesigned.

We also recorded a video of this interview if you’d like to watch it, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/VL64pcP6vik

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