Staying Present while Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Paying attention to what is happening right now is so important. I sometimes find it difficult to stay with it. Mindfulness. Being present. Living in the moment. Focus on today. Focus on this minute. “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.” One Day at a Time.

However you choose to describe it, sometimes (often) “staying present” can be difficult. Something about the end/beginning of the year has me thinking back and forward at the same time.

Yesterday is History.
Tomorrow is a Mystery.
Today is a Gift.
That’s why we call it the Present.

– attributed to Alice Morse Earle, Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday: Garden Delights, 1902

Many new exercise programs will start in the new year. New Year, New You! (Or maybe Jan 2nd after the celebrating has finished and decorations are stored away.)

Staying consistent is more my speed. Something about jumping in both feet, too enthusiastically, has not ever served me well. I know some people have to go “cold turkey” and just “rip the band-aid off” to make a desired change.

I find it more long lasting if I slowly correct course, a bit like a giant ship at sea, one degree at a time, over and over. Last year my goal was consistency over intensity and “Resiliance!”

Looking back at 2018, I’m pleased with my fitness level, my eating habits, and the amount of exercise I did. I think I’m going to keep my motto and word for the year because of the success I had.

During 2018, my starting weight and ending weight were within two pounds. I know I ate better than I did in 2017 and payed more attention.

According to my FitBit, I averaged 80 active minutes per day and in all but two months, I exceeded over my 60 active minute goal. Some of the active days were doing races and rides, but most of these are merely taking the stairs more often, taking the parking spot farthest from the door and doing the outside loop in the grocery store. For 2018, I thought I’d have it worked out, I am still working on creating a standing desk. I know that will make a difference for some of my most sedentary days!

Best of all, exercise has become fun for me and I feel better afterwards. Some of the most enjoyable activities were:

  • the many, many walks at the dog park from May to September with our 2 dogs and my adult daughter.
  • the many bike rides followed by potlucks with my friends
  • the runs and races with my dear friend Jill.

As we end 2018 and begin 2019, I also wanted to say “thank you” to our podcast guests, podcast listeners, social media followers and blog readers. You all provide inspiration, motivation and accountability to me as well! Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Staying Present while Looking Back and Looking Ahead”

  1. Looks like it was an active year for you! I’ve enjoyed following you this year and look forward to another year of fitness and introspection!

    Happy New Year!

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