Fit Strong Women Over 50 Most Popular Podcast Episodes in 2018

Our Becoming Elli community celebrated a our one-year milestone anniversary at end of 2018 and the beginning of January 2019! In the past year there have been many great episodes of our podcast but the Fit Strong Women Over 50 most popular podcast episodes continue to attract new listeners day after day!

Before announcing our top episode downloads, it is only fitting to let you know this hasn’t happened overnight!

During the past year Jill and I have released 24 podcasts – one podcast twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesday. To create a podcast means figuring out the content, some writing, phone calls, emails, figuring out recording software, actually interviewing, editing it together so that it makes sense, adding music and then distributing out so you all can listen. We absolutely LOVE it when we get reviews and feedback.

Some of our podcast episodes focus on exercise, others on healthy eating and nutrition and still other episodes are about positive mental health. We’ve interviewed a variety of experts. We’ve talked with women over 50 who are doing amazing things like hiking 500 miles, walking marathons, trying new ways of eating like intermitten fasting or keto/NGNS or maintaining a weight loss for years. We’ve talked with many personal trainers, health coaches and a several nutritionists.

We are still working to figure out what YOU our listeners want to hear from a podcast that focuses on women over 50 who are striving to be fit and strong.

Please leave more feedback (emailing is easy: or if you’re brave and want to share with other women, leave public feedback on our itunes or on our Facebook page. Or call our voicemail box and leave a message.

Both Jill and I lost a significant amount of weight several years ago and our Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast was started for the Becoming Elli community as a way to help us to stay inspired and motivated (or at least me, I shouldn’t speak for Jill!) while at the same time we strive to provide valuable information to other women over 50.

For us, 2018 has been an exciting year. Launching the Becoming Elli Community and the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast has allowed us to ask experts their opinions on things we’ve wondered about and to really get to know women all over the country (and some outside of the USA as well.) It’s been a learning adventure as in 2018 we’ve created this website, posted over 150 blog posts recorded and launched 24 podcasts and also ran the Akron Half Marathon and Cleveland Half Marathon.

Drum Roll for the Most Fit Strong Women Over 50 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2018:

Our top three downloaded podcasts during 2018 were:
Interview with Personal Trainer Maria Stadelman (January)
Diane’s Workout Secrets: An Everyday Woman Shares What She Has Learned (April)
Healthy Eating for Women Over 50 with Nutrition Expert Becca DeVenzio (August)
As Jill and I prepare our list of experts, topics and ideas for our podcast in 2019, please give us a call on our dedicated Becoming Elli Voicemail 330-970-6662 and let us know your thoughts! We love hearing from our readers and our listeners!

Or send an email to me at and I’ll get back with you! Looking forward to a great 2019!!

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