My Three Words for 2021: Create, Lift, and Rally

It’s time for my three words for 2021. Choosing three words to reflect my goals for the year has become an annual tradition.  I actually think it might have been Chris who started me on doing this.

I dug out last year’s words. As you can see, I wrote a post about them but then the year got so crazy that I forgot all about it. You’re supposed to review your words every day to  keep them in your mind but I obviously didn’t do that. My words for last year were Abstain, Routine, and Family. I spent a lot of time dealing with family issues so I guess that was accurate without even trying. I don’t think I abstained from much and my routine fell to pieces when I quit going to work every day.

Last year was a tough year and I’m hoping that this year is better. That hope is reflected in a way in my words.

I like to choose words that have multiple meanings. That way I can think about them in different ways. For example, the year that I used the word Reduce for one of my three words turned out to be the year that I release some weight that I’d been wanting to see go as well as the year that I got rid of many household items that I no longer needed.

My Three Words for 2021

Here’s what I’ve come up with for 2021:

  • Create
  • Lift
  • Rally

These words all have multiple meanings for me.

My three words


I have lots of things I want to create this year. I love creating content for the Becoming Elli community and hope to increase what I’m doing here. Hopefully, you’ll see some creative content on this website.

I also joined a Zoom writing group in 2020 and while I’ve been a participant, I’ve not been a creative one. I’ve been the person giving some feedback and being the audience. I intend to pursue some creative writing projects this year.

Finally, I took knitting back up after a lengthy break and enjoyed it. I  made some scarves, a couple of hats, and a lot of dish cloths to share with people. I’m hoping to create some more bigger projects this year.

My Three Words


This word too has multiple meanings. I really want to focus on my strength training this year. My boyfriend, who was a big gym rat, always refers to a strength training session as a lift. He’ll ask me, “how was your lift?” I hope to spend a fair amount of time at the gym this year lifting weights.

Lift, of course, also means to raise something up (besides a barbell that is). I’m hoping that 2021 allows many of us to have a lift. A lift in spirits, a lift in health, a lift in mood. We could all use some sort of lift.

Finally, a third definition is to give someone a ride, as in “do you need a lift?” I’m hoping that as I move through 2021, I do it with others. I’ve spent too much time alone recently and I need a lift, indeed.


As soon as I reviewed the definitions of this word, I knew it had to be one of my three words for the year. Absolutely.

According to the Free Dictionary, rally as a verb means:

1. To call together for a common purpose; assemble: rally troops at a parade ground.
2. To reassemble and restore to order: rally scattered forces.
3. To rouse or revive from inactivity or decline: paused to refresh themselves and rally their strength.
and as a noun:
1. gathering, especially one intended to inspire enthusiasm for a cause: political rally.


a. reassembling, as of dispersed troops.
b. The signal ordering this reassembly.


a. An abrupt recovery from a setback, disadvantage, or disease: The doctor was delighted with the patient’s rally.
b. sharp increase in price or value after a decline.
I want to revive myself and rally my strength. Also, I want to get my life back into some sort of order after the past year.
My boyfriend and I do some camping in his Airstream trailer. We plan to attend a few Airstream Club rallies this year, assuming the pandemic is at least somewhat behind us.
Wrapping Up My Three Words for 2021
The important part of setting up the three words is to focus on them throughout the year. It does no good to select the words and then forget about them. I think I’ll make my graphic a wallpaper for my phone or laptop. That way I’ll see them all the time.
What are you doing for the new year? Setting goals? Picking words? Let me know what works for you.

3 thoughts on “My Three Words for 2021: Create, Lift, and Rally”

  1. I love your 3 words for this year! All three are forward looking, optimistic and provide good direction for the coming year. Here’s to a great 2021.

    Last year’s words feel very fitting for the year we had. 2020, ugh!

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