2022 Three Words Podcast

Episode 98 – 2022 Three Words

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In episode 98 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast, Chris and Jill talk about the three focus words that each have selected for inspiration during 2022.

We both agree that new year’s resolutions can be easily discarded. Instead, we chose to focus on a keyword that helps us to remember our intentions for the year.

While making new year’s resolutions isn’t a bad idea, sometimes outside forces can derail the best intentions. For example changes in social setting with the recent pandemic has required changes to regular, normal lifestyles. By having three words, Chris and Jill will have an overarching focus that doesn’t rely as much on circumstances outside individual control. (At least in theory!) Our intention with this podcast is to share our thoughts about staying healthy, fit, and strong during the coming year!

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Perhaps you also use three words? Or set goals and make resolutions? We would love to hear from you!

Leave a message on the website at below at the Becoming Elli website or Facebook Group to share with other fit strong women over 50. If you’d rather leave a voice mail, just call 330-970-6662.

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