Holiday Celebration Eating

Holiday celebration eating is a always a challenge for me… in more ways than one.

I’m always looking for a festive looking dish, meal or appetizer to serve. I usually struggle to resist some of the more traditional treats.

Yesterday I tried something different using red green and white colors – beets, celery and onions. As it cooked the white onions became translucent and as I stirred, the beet juice covered everything. I added a few left over pasta noodles and a can of tuna for protein.

I actually liked the taste, but this photo is the best looking. If there is one thing I know about food blogging, getting the right photo that looks appealing is a big part of the project.

From an actual must have recipe, this was okay, yummy enough to want to finish it, but not something I would ever crave.

And eating it was way more healthy than the holiday cookies, peanut butter fudge and kulachi that was sent to us from a friend and sat out on the counter all afternoon during Sunday football.

I also scored a win by doing all my dumbbell reps in between episodes during my Netflix binge of a ballerina murder mystery. So all around win.

How was your weekend?

holiday celebration eating
The colors are right, but the food was – well – non traditional. I added some pasta and tuna to the mixture, but this looks way more pretty than the final meal.

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  1. I know beets are supposed to be really good for us but I’m going to confess that this meal does not appeal to me. Good for you for trying it though and thanks for sharing! I’m sure the final dish was very purple looking.

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