Visualize Your Goal

This popular holiday video shows exactly why it is so motivational to visual your goal. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth the watch.

I love a lot of things about the video, except the exercise he uses with the kettlebell.

My back hurt just looking at it. I know why the ad agency decided to have him do that exercise, that way, but WOW! OUCH!

The only way I would do the kettlebell push out is after a lot of training, while under the watchful eye of a certified personal trainer and in the squat position, not standing up the way he did. And certainly not that super heavy weight. You’d need a really strong core to not hurt yourself!

Also when he first stood up with the kettlebell (40 seconds), it looked like he was using his back to lift it rather than his quads. He had the kettlebell out from his chest about a foot away. That looks like a disaster to me. When I think of doing kettlebell exercises, I think of the swing, or even the difficult Turkish get up, but definitely not the standing, lifting, front push out like he did.

Not sure how old this man is, but my guess is 70 or so. Seeing him pick up the kettlebell, or try to pick up the kettlebell in the beginning of the video made me think, he needs to work up to that heavy size! While it’s important to visualize your goal, it is also important to work up to it. I know I can’t do a 25 pound until I’ve got a good hand on the 20 pound… and I don’t use a 20 pound, until I’ve mastered the 15 pound. I guess when I visualize my goal, I see it in baby steps.

I did notice in the end when he lifted his granddaughter, he lifted her to a standing position and then tightened his core to do a push press.

*I’m not a personal trainer, or a physical therapist, but I wouldn’t suggest trying the standing push out unless you checked with someone who knows.

Meanwhile, the point is to visual your goal to improve motivation. I’ve heard of vision boards doing just that.

As we’re approaching the new year, I am getting ready to pick a new word (or 3 words) for 2021. This past year my word was resilient. Next year my word may be visualize. Or maybe it will be kettlebell?

2 thoughts on “Visualize Your Goal”

  1. He did work up to actually doing the push press, I see. This video does show what we’re always talking about, doesn’t it? Building strength helps us live our lives more fully.

    I got Google to translate the text. Here’s what it came up with: “So that you can take care of what really matters in life, especially at Christmas: to spend a carefree time with family and loved ones.”

    I do lots of things with kettle bells though the swing is definitely what it’s known for. I dare you to make kettlebell one of your 2021 words!

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