Falling on the Ice

Yes, I’m going to talk about falling on the ice. Ouch.

Here in Ohio, we’ve been hit with winter weather for the past couple of weeks. I mean serious winter weather with snow and cold. The snow plows came through and cleared the roads but they didn’t put any ice prevention down so the streets ended up being sheets of ice. Very slippery.

As you  know, I have a puppy, Penny, who is now almost nine months old. She loves her walks so I take her even though it’s cold and snowy. The day the snow came and the roads were icy was a tough one because down I went. Penny was puzzled. Why was I lying on the ground? Fortunately, she didn’t get loose and I didn’t have to chase her around. That would have been terrible.

Fortunately, I was not injured by my fall. I think I slightly bruised my hip but since I had several layers on, I was ok. Later I saw a woman in my neighborhood who is probably close to 80 and she was outside. I worried that she might fall but she made it back to her house without problem.

Falling on the Ice Can Be Dangerous

I know that falls can be serious so I’m glad that I wasn’t injured. All of the strength trainers that we’ve talked to on the Fit Strong Women over 50 podcast often tell us that strength training helps to keep your bones healthy and help prevent injury in a fall. So perhaps my working out is paying off.

I know one of our earlier podcast episodes was about balance. Jill Rango talked about balance and mobility. She suggested walking like a penguin when on ice. Unfortunately, I forgot that until later but I’m going to try to keep it in mind for the rest of this winter.

How are you faring this season? Keep me posted.

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