Working Out in a Mask

What’s it like working out in a mask? Someone asked me that when I mentioned that I had returned to my gym. Here in Ohio, we now have a state-wide requirement to wear a mask and my gym, at least, says that means we must wear a mask everywhere in the facility.

When I work out at home, I don’t wear a mask. When I go outside to run, I usually don’t wear a mask. I often take one so that when I walk home and am more likely to encounter people, I can slip it on.

Working Out in a Mask

It really wasn’t too bad to wear a mask in the gym. I don’t think it affected my workout so much as my nose got itchy and I wondered how I was supposed to drink out of the water bottle I’d brought. I went to an isolated corner, moved my mask, and drank. Not really any more disruptive than walking to the water fountain, which of course is not working right now.

I think that if I was trying to take a HIIT class, a mask would be a challenge. That elevated effort while wearing a mask could make breathing more difficult.

Since I was doing more straight-forward strength work, I didn’t really notice the mask. At first, it feels a bit awkward but like everything else, it becomes normal and isn’t something I think about.

The Becoming Elli Mask

Now that masks are becoming more accepted, I’ve noticed that people are choosing masks that match their outfit or match their mood. I think that helps offset the feeling that you have a mask stuck to your face.

Chris bought me a Becoming Elli mask. I love wearing it to the gym because it says Fit and Strong on it. Isn’t that the best motto to have on a mask while working out?

If you’d like to order a Becoming Elli mask, check out this link. You’ll see that there are two options for the mask. I have the double pleated mask which allows you to slip in an extra filter for additional protection.

Be sure to post a photo of yourself wearing the Becoming Elli mask!

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