Back to the Gym

I returned to the gym this week. Everyone I’d talked to said there weren’t many people there and that the staff was cleaning things compulsively. I decided to give it a try.

Back and Shoulder Day

Since I’d been doing some chest press work over the past few months in my boyfriend’s basement gym, I decided to start with back work. I started off with the rowing machine and did about 250 meters. Then, I did lat pull-downs and rows. I definitely felt it later that day and again the following day. It felt great to feel those muscles complaining a bit.

Because it’s been months since I’ve been to a gym, I was wary about overdoing it. I didn’t go with the heaviest weights and tried to be reasonable about what I might do the first time there.

There were two other people in the workout areas and none of us were near each other. One trainer was cleaning equipment the whole time I was there. There were sanitizing wipes to wipe down equipment before and after using it.

Back to the Gym

Due to state requirements, we had to wear our masks the whole time in the gym. I used my Respro Sportsa knock-off. I discussed the Respro Sportsa in our recent podcast episode. Here’s the thing about masks. I always take a bottle of water to the gym with me but it’s awkward to drink while wearing a mask. Someone needs to invent a mask/water bottle combo that eliminates this problem.

None of the water fountains are functioning so it was a good thing I brought a filled water bottle.

They are allowing people to use the showers but you have to get a towel from the front desk. The stacks of clean towels in the locker room are gone.

I went to the gym from home and returned immediately afterwards so didn’t need to use the shower there. I came home to shower and change.

Since it’s summer here in Ohio, it’s easy to run outside. Also, I have cardio equipment set up at home so I don’t have to go to the gym to get in a cardio workout. Being able to access strength equipment is fantastic. I felt happy the whole time I was there.


The gym is only offering virtual classes right now. No live classes at all. I know the gym Chris goes to is conducting outdoor classes but mine is not. Perhaps I will ask about that soon.

I saw the manager when I went in and I asked her how she was faring. She said the whole thing is terrible but it’s terrible for everyone so she can’t complain.

I verified that I can put my membership back on hold so if I decide that I need to quarantine myself again, I can do so.

I’ll keep you posted on how I do trying to regain some of that strength I know I’ve lost. Let me know how your workouts are going and where you’re doing them.

4 thoughts on “Back to the Gym”

  1. Glad that you were able to get a good strength workout in! I bet that felt really good. I’m still holding off as I have some weights at home. I know I’d get a better workout at the gym, but haven’t gone back just yet.

    I remember that awesome feeling… it’s a good sore!

    1. I think if the gym hadn’t been so empty, I’d have felt a bit more anxious about it. It did feel good. And it turns out that even though I’ve done some workouts at home, I hit a few more muscles at the gym.

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