Trying to Eat Healthy and De-stress During the Stay At Home Time

I’m sure I’m like millions of others, trying to eat healthy and stay de-stressed during this stay-at-home time. Here are some photos of my attempt at a 2 egg white omelette where I used way too many vegetables to the egg white ratio.

First I made the vegetables: onions, spinach, mushrooms and sliced grape tomatoes.

My dog Lady got the two yokes, which she loves.

After the onions were somewhat translucent and the spinach was wilted (using a little water), I stirred in two egg whites.

It cooked for a minute or two with the lid on the cast-iron pot.  Getting it out was tricky, as you can see! It doesn’t look like an omelette or a fritta, more like a pile of vegetables cooked with an egg white.  I added some salt and pepper to taste.

This with a cup of coffee made up my breakfast.

Managing Stress

I’m reminded that now is the time for GRIT.

I’m trying to use my mental strength. One of the ways I am doing this is to remind myself that I’ve done hard things before and that I can do this. Saying it out loud helps me. I wear shirts from a race that I did that was really hot and tough. I think back over difficult times in my life and how I was able to come through it.

I’m giving myself little rewards for doing something healthy is helping me do things I am not particularly feeling like. Doing 10 minutes of dumb bells. Taking a quick walk around the property and working on some of the garden.

My husband came home from the grocery store with 92% cocoa chocolate. I usually get 77% so I’m not sure this is a treat, but I’m treating it like it is.

What are you doing to eat healthy and manage stress? Leave a message on the voicemail at 330-970-6662.


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