Healthy Benefits of Orthopedic Massage with Joanne Hagy

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In episode 54, Jill and Chris interview Joanne Hagy about the healthy benefits of orthopedic massage. Joanne is a licensed massage therapist, the owner of Orthopedic Massage and Wellness and has over 20 years experience in massage therapy as well as sports medicine.

She spent the first 8 years of her career working in an orthopedic physical therapy clinic as an athletic trainer, soon combining massage therapy into her treatment protocols.

Joanne then solely began focusing on her massage practice and teaching massage where she was co-owner of The School of Orthopedic Massage and Bodywork in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 4 years. She relocated to Hudson, Ohio in 2014, where she resumed a successful massage practice.

In podcast episode 54, we discuss:

  • What is orthopedic massage?
  • How is it different from regular massage?
  • What are the healthy benefits of orthopedic massage?
  • How do we find a good massage therapist? What questions should we ask?
  • Is any particular sport or activity more likely to cause injury?
  • Why do we get injured after exercising or working out?
  • What advice do you have for us women over 50 to avoid injury?
  • What should we be doing that we’re not?

To find out more about Joanne Hagy, visit her website: Orthopedic Massage and Wellness at

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