Three Word Commitment

A few weeks ago, my three word commitment for 2021 bubbled out of my annual review of 2020. The prior year had been, in many respects dismal and disappointing, because of a boatload of challenges. I needed more resilience. As I mentioned in that post, I really was affected by so many mental challenges.

Coming out of that post however, I selected my three words for 2021: activity, fit, strong. Funny how I didn’t pick any words that primarily focus on mental resilience. I think I left that all in 2020 – when all of my words centered around attitude.

From 2020’s last three words:
Here is my three word commitment of focus words for 2020:

– Focus on gratitude. Count my blessings, hug my loved ones and try to look at the good side of situations. It’s too easy for me to get fixated on what is not going well and ignore the 99% of how lucky I am. While I don’t want to be overly pollyanna-ish (I’m naturally opimistic), I do want to be sure not to miss the good things that come from difficult situations. (A good friend calls them growth opportunities.)

Cue – After re-reading the book on building habits, I’m going to focus on the cue to the habits, more than the actual routine or reward. Set a reminder on my phone to take my vitamins. Put out exercise clothes the night before for the next morning. Make my to-do list at the end of the workday.

Declutter – Let go of the things that are too worn, outdated, I don’t need or don’t bring me joy. Finish the projects I start. Discard or donate the things that I’m no longer interested in. In my mind, this word somehow ties in with letting go of procrastination.

If you had asked me in the summer what my 3 words were, I think I would have only been able to utter: “resilience” because that was my focus at the time.

I am taking a cue from Jill and her approach to her 3 focus words for 2021 and making a print out that will remind me daily of the my 3 words.

Activity to me means taking action and actually doing something about it. Not try but do. Not plan to but actually execute. This applies to taking care of myself physically and mentally, along with other ways as well.

Fit is fitting into clothes that I love that remain in my closet because they either don’t fit, or I am not going anywhere that requires a party dress or a business suit or even a 5K race. My clothes don’t fit me anymore and I blame the pandemic mindset of PJ’s, sweatshirts and Zoom meetings. I don’t think I put on my dancing shoes (comfortable black pumps that match dress up outfits and slide around the dance floor, perfect for any wedding), at all this past year.

Strong embraces both mind and body. Strong enough to lift, carry and be physical active for hours. Strong enough to bike for hours and strong enough to seek hills! Strong enough mentally to enjoy the time of care giving as a blessing, not an obligation. Strong enough to be patient and kind.

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  1. I like your words for the year, especially since you’re using our podcast title as inspiration. Fit Strong Women over 50 with some Activity added in.

    I think you have this! I’m happy to help any way I can.

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