Winter Running Requires Some Planning

I’ve tried to do  my running outdoors this winter as much as possible. I’ve been lucky that the weather has not been too bad here this winter because I’m not really prepared for running in snow. My shoes are not winter running shoes, really.

What to Wear

Check out the photo of me. I’m wearing layers to stay warm while running. I have on my winter running tights from Under Armour. They do a great job of keeping my legs warm. I do have on my knee high compression socks just as an added layer for my calves. I have about three layers of clothes on top. It seems like it’s necessary to keep my core warm. I also have gloves, a hat, and a scarf thing that I recently bought.

Here’s my advice on running in the cold. Keep moving! Even if you just slow down, you want to keep moving at some pace. Otherwise you’ll start to cool off. When you’re waiting to get started, don’t stand around in the cold. You will get cold! If you’re waiting for a running partner, wait in your car.

I like to wear enough clothes that I get warm while I’m running though I might feel a bit chilly when I first start out. If I overdress, then I get overheated while running so it’s important to find that happy balance.

Staying Warm

You’ll notice that I have my Nathan water belt strapped around my waist. I took a bottle of water with me just in case. I probably didn’t need it because I only ran about three miles but I like to have the option. Obviously, during the winter, I don’t freeze my water bottles because I don’t need to have that cold feeling on my lower back.

When you’ve finished your run, you’ll want to get out of the cold and get out of your damp clothes. Don’t stand around talking in your running clothes because you’ll get chilled. Also, you  might enjoy a warm drink or a cup of soup after your run. I’ve seen that some companies are coming out with protein mixes to make hot chocolate. I’ve not tried them but I bet they’re a great way to end a run.


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