The Motivation of a Race

There’s a lot of motivation in signing up for a race, at least for me. I’m much more likely to really follow a training plan if I have something on the calendar.

This year has not been a good one for racing. I think 2020 will be known as the year of no races, among other things.

Buckeye Half Marathon and 10K

I noticed the Buckeye Half Marathon and 10K is still scheduled. It hasn’t been cancelled yet. Of course, it’s quite possible that it will be cancelled but as of right now, it’s still a possibility.

I have a several year history with this race. The first year, I registered for a half marathon and then ended up getting my sciatic injury that took me out for quite a while. I did not run that race. Last year I ran the 10K and enjoyed it. I’m never a fast runner but I still like to race and I managed to complete it successfully.

I made a commitment to run the 10K in this year’s race. So now I must train for running a 10K. I’ve only been running about a 5K distance this summer. Time to increase the distance!

Instead of just going out for a run, I now am thinking about how many times a week I run and what distance I need to be running. See how a race can motivate you? At least for me, I become much more organized about my training.

The Motivation of Race Goals

You know how we’re always advised to have multiple goals? Here are my goals for this race:

  1. Run it faster than I ran it in 2019
  2. Run it at the same speed as 2019
  3. Complete the training and race injury free.

I had to go look up my results for the 2019 race. I ran it in 1:17:29.0 which wasn’t incredibly fast. Hopefully my A goal is achievable. I went back and read my race recap from last year and I was looking forward to racing in 2020. Well, that sure didn’t happen but I’m hoping that this race will happen and that I can run it.

Do you have anything on the calendar that’s motivating you? Let me know.

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