Running from Dogs

Why am I running from dogs? I love dogs and miss having one to take for walks. Dogs don’t normally frighten me but when I’m running, I worry about some of the dogs I meet.  Last week I went running and encountered a few more dogs than I wanted.

I have not been bitten by a dog while I’m running but one time a large dog knocked me down. I was trail running and stopped while three women and two dogs untangled themselves. While I was watching the one dog, the other lunged at me and knocked me over. Fortunately, a tree broke my fall. Otherwise, I would have been flat on the ground.

I’ve also had dogs lunge at me as I run past them. These weren’t unattended dogs; their owners were right there. One time I suppose I grimaced because the owner said to me, “my dog wouldn’t hurt you.” It’s hard to know that for sure when the dog and I are not acquainted.

Running from dogs

So, last week I encountered several dogs who concerned me. One dog was off leash despite being in a park with signs everywhere advising that the dog must be on leash. The dog was clearly trained but his owner still had to call him twice to get the dog to follow. I slowed way down and moved away from the dog.

Next, I saw a young woman walking a large, strong dog on a long leash. She was paying no attention to the dog and had the leash looped over her wrist while she played with her phone. I worried that the dog could break away from her so gave them a wide berth too.

I also met a couple of dogs on long, retractable leashes. Their owners didn’t retract the leashes as I approached so again I had to cross the street to be out of reach of the dogs, should they decide to run at me.

By the time I finished my four miles, I felt like I had played dodge ‘ems with dogs. I would have felt better if the dog owners had been more attentive. Fortunately, nothing happened and perhaps I’m just excessively cautious. Tripping over a dog, being knocked over by a dog or even being bitten is just going to ruin my day.

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  1. I think a lot of dog owners love their dogs so much, they think that strangers in the park will immediately love their dog too. When we had Lucky, he was an unusual mutt mix and many people thought he looked a bit like a coyote. He was part Norwegian Elkhound. I always kept him in tight because of that.

    When I was in my 20’s I remember several dog problems when I was running sidewalk/street morning routines, but luckily have not had any memorable encounters of late.

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