Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast – Best Episodes of the First Half of 2019

If you’re new to podcasts, you may be interested in learning about the best podcast episodes for women over 50. Because we are more than halfway through the year, I decided to give you a heads up for the top 10 episodes of our Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast downloaded during the first half of 2019. I’m calling these the best episodes because of the number of downloads. Everyone has their favorites!

These include a variety of episodes. Some are where we (Jill and Chris) interview experts – personal training, nutrition, and healthy living. In other episodes we interview “regular” people about their habits, routines, motivation and success with getting and staying fit and strong. Two of the episodes were just the two co-hosts discussing topics.

Best Episodes of the First Half of 2019
We defined best by the number of our women over 50 podcast episodes downloaded from our hosting platform during the time frame of 1/1/2019 and 6/30/2019. In other words the time frame is just the first six months of 2019. Most of these podcast episodes were released in 2019. Although all of the 2018 podcast episodes were available for download during the same time frame, they weren’t necessarily in the top ten for the first half of 2019

Best Episodes of the First Half of 2019 – Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast

  1. How to Crave Healthy Foods & Stop Dieting – Melanie Jatsek
  2. Hormone Health for Women Over 50  Jeannie Beaudin
  3. Tap Into Your True Strength with Tammy Wise
  4. Running and Staying Healthy with Wendy Rivard
  5. Improving Fitness Through Spinning with Sherry Chlysta
  6. Group Exercise Instructor Diane Reuther
  7. Using Triathlons to Overcome Adversity Diana Woolf
  8. Inspiration, Motivation and Discipline Jill and Chris
  9. Becoming a Triathlete After Retirement Linda Brooks
  10. Improving Health with Training, Sleep and Omega 3s Jill and Chris

While these are just a few of our almost 40 episodes, these were the ones most often downloaded during the first half of 2019.

We primarily focus on healthy eating, working out, positive mental health and other ways we define fit and strong. We’re always looking for guests how have something of interest to the Becoming Elli community and welcome suggestions from our readers and listeners.

Have you listened to these episodes of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli Community?

I know I have my favorites! Which ones are your favorites? Why? Let me know by leaving a comment below or leaving a phone message 330-970-6662 or send an email to

3 thoughts on “Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast – Best Episodes of the First Half of 2019”

    1. I have to say I love ALL our episodes!
      But I do know which one is YOUR favorite! 😉 Looks like a lot of our listeners agree with you!!

    2. I think of our conversation often, Wendy. It was really helpful to me. I’m also wondering how you get such great photos to post on Instagram. (Not to change the subject or anything!)

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