Improving as an Endurance Athlete: Jess Elliott

Improving as an Endurance Athlete –  Jess Elliott Episode 62

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Fit Strong Women Over 50 – Episode 62 –  Jess Elliott

Jill and Chris talk with Jess Elliott, owner of TAG Performance, a Sports Performance Coaching & Education company, located in Boulder, Colorado. Angie Ridgel and Pam Semanik, who talked about performance training in episode 44, met Jess at a conference and recommended that we speak to her. It was a great suggestion.

Improving as an Endurance Athlete

Jess has an extensive coaching background in strength and conditioning, working with athletes of all ages and backgrounds, from high school students to professional athletes.

In this episode, we start off by discussing strength and conditioning for endurance athletes and then move to discuss the differences and similarities of the endurance and adventure communities. Living in Boulder, Jess participates actively in both groups. She discusses her adventures above the tree line and her love of alpine lakes.

Jess shares how women over 50 can continue to be fit and strong and take our fitness to the next level and says that it’s never too late to improve our fitness.

Also, Jess discusses her view on mastering recovery for athletes. She describes a great recovery exercise that she teaches her athletes.

Because so many events have been cancelled in 2020, Jess shares her ideas on keeping ourselves motivated and how to use this year to improve our performance in the future.

Jess also helps demystify fueling for endurance events. She discusses the value of using real food for energy. In addition, she shares with us her use of intermittent fasting.

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