Eating Healthy during Uncertain Times

I am finding it difficult to eat healthy and keep my protein, carbohydrate and fat levels in the right amount. Eating healthy during uncertain times has been a big challenge for me.

For some reason I am craving carbs and find it difficult to not gravitate to them. Maybe it is the comfort food aspect?

Maybe its because I’m anxious and a little bored. I’m looking for a comforting distraction.

I’m posting these photos that I took a while back to help inspire me to meal prep veggies and lean protein.

While most of the time I am doing fine, I notice I’m more lonely and find myself having a mini pity party over the things that have been curtailed and the routines that I love that are missing.

I feel that I should just count my blessings, make my gratitude list and stop whining. I’m really lucky in so many ways.

Part of fixing the uncertainty I know is to control what I can. And so, I’m going to try to control my food prep by cutting up lots of veggies and preparing some of the frozen chicken so that grabbing good choices is easier than too many bread/potato style carbs that I have been gravitating too.

How are you doing with your food choices during this time when we are staying home, not going out and staying safe? Are you finding ways to trick yourself into eating healthy during uncertain times? Please jot a comment below or leave a message on the Becoming Elli Voicemail at 330-970-6662. I’d love to hear how you are dealing with all this.

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