Get off the Couch with Shawn Tegtmeier

Episode 91 – Get off the Couch

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In Episode 91, Jill and Chris talk with Shawn Tegtmeier, a former chain smoking couch potato, now a full time personal trainer with several certifications and a published author.

She lives in the “Chicagoland” area with her husband and two dogs. In her off time she enjoys running, reading, putzing around the yard and simply enjoying time with her two adult sons.

During the podcast we discussed:

  • How she started with her health changes
  • How she maintains her weight loss
  • How she managed to quit smoking
  • What motivate her to stay fit and healthy?
  • Her advice to her clients about working out and eating

Shawn told us that quitting smoking was the “hardest thing I ever did.” After she quite she gained a lot of weight. After seeing a photo of herself, she decided to join WeightWatchers. She lost the weight and keeps it of with walking, hiking, moving, working out . She likes to bike a bit and enjoys watching YouTube videos for cardio or strength. She enjoys working out and has become a personal trainer.

While Shawn has been a member at a gym for 13 years, the Covid pandemic threw off her schedule and now she prefers to work out at a friend’s or does Zoom workouts.

“I am motivated by feeling good, with a sense of accomplishment, it’s so much more enjoyable and I also like the social aspect of working oue/

In 2015, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer and learned that she needed a cell transplant. In 2017, she was “getting it back together. And in 2018, I came back.”

One of her tricks for eating is that she tries to always mix a carb with a protein.
She premakes her morning breakfast and finds that it helps to prep meals ahead of time.
Fav breakfast meal: English muffin with a fried egg, cheese, Canadian bacon & avocado.

“For those of us who have the ability to move, we should feel grateful.”

When she is personal training, she likes to time everything, not count reps. She walks everyday, a little longer each time. She enjoys running with her dogs, and uses a timer for exercises.

She says that people have to like what they are doing. Find what you enjoy — lifting, dancing, biking, it’s important to find something you like.

Her advice for women over 50 – take a survey of yourself – a snapshot of yourself during day. How much water do you drink? What are you eating? What can you do to increase your water and your sleep? Small improvements will add up.

Book: Running With Walt: How a Chain-smoking Couch Potato Got Off the Couch

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