Kayaking for Fun and Fitness

I remember Chris writing about kayaking and thinking that sounds like fun. She wrote about kayaking in 2019 and how popular it had become. Well, then came 2020 with the pandemic and suddenly kayaks could not be found. Everywhere was completely sold out of kayaks. Evenutally, of course, stores began to restock and kayaks began to show up.

Kayaking for Fun and Fitness

Buying a Kayak

I bought a demo model from a kayak store so I was able to get a good deal. Then of course I had to buy a paddle, and a life jacket, and a couple other odds and ends to make kayaking fun. I later realized that they sell kayaking clothes, but I haven’t spent any money on that.

Kayaking is a good workout. It takes some work to paddle it around. It’s more of an ab workout than you might think. Plus, of course, your arms and shoulders get a good workout.

I am not interested in kayak racing or trying to be fast. I just want to paddle around the lake and look at the scenery and check out any wildlife in the area.

There are lots of lakes where you can kayak but you do have to pay attention to how far you have to walk with the kayak. I bought a cart to help make moving the kayak a bit easier.

Enjoying Nature

Kayaking for Fun and Fitness

I’ve gone kayaking a few times at a small lake at one of the local parks and went kayaking while on vacation at the Cassadaga Lakes in New York. It was such a serene feeling being out on the water. I was pleased that I was able to navigate both the middle and upper lake without problems. Especially because I didn’t run into the bridge and was able to get in and out of the docking area without problem.

I think kayaking is an enjoyable way to enjoy nature.

2 thoughts on “Kayaking for Fun and Fitness”

  1. I too love kayaking! The most strenuous part of kayaking is loading it onto the roof of my car, lol! But I’ve spent many happy hours paddling on the water, both alone and with friends and family. Glad you are enjoying it too.

    1. Yes, transporting the kayak seems to be the hardest part of the whole thing. I bought a cart which really just puts the kayak on wheels. That makes it easier to get it from the car to the water.

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