Electrolyte Replacement for Hot Weather Workouts

I am a sweater. That is, I perspire during hot weather and especially during work outs… a lot!

Replenishing electrolytes is a real thing for me or I can easily become overheated, dizzy and feeling very weird. During summer bike rides I’ve had to take advantage of the SAG truck more than once when the temperatures go higher than 85 degrees and I’m pushing myself.

If this is not a problem for you, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but if you bike ride or run during super hot weather and tend to sweat a lot like me, you may be very aware of the need for electrolyte replacement.

Many of the organized rides and runs that I’ve done in years past have rest stops with water and gatorade, as well as orange slices, ice and more to help combat the high temps.

The other day I took my second bike ride of the year. It was 18 miles with a breakfast break in between. But by the time we actually got back it was around 12:30 and well over 80 degrees. We had been gone for a bit over 3 hours.

I knew it was going to be hot so I tried something new for electrolyte replacement. I usually go through 2 water bottles when I do the Kent loop. This time I added about a half cup of Pedialyte to one of my 24 ounce water bottles. It didn’t taste too bad (like if I had had straight Gatorade) but helped to replace some of the electrolytes I sweated off.

I’m definitely going to try this again.
Here are some photos of the package:
electrolyte replacement

electrolyte replacement

electrolyte replacement

While the package says not to add water or dilute, I am using this as a preventative measure, not as a fix.

I got this in an email from LMNT from Runner’s World, so this was designed specifically for working out and replacing electrolytes. Have not tried it. Let me know if you have and what you thought.

What do you do to replace your electrolytes during hot weather and long workouts?

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  1. We’ve written frequently on this blog about electrolytes and some different things to try. I haven’t tried Pedialyte though I’ve heard good things about it. I bought some electrolyte replacement things from Generation UCan that I like. I also really like SaltStix. They taste sort of like SweetTarts.

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