Creating a Home Gym

Creating a home gym has turned into a bit of a process. My gym closed along with many others this spring so I was left with having to work out at home. I had a treadmill so I knew that would be the centerpiece of any home gym I could come up with.

My condo has a first floor bedroom that I intended to use as a guest room. My treadmill, however, had to be on the first floor because nobody was going to carry it up the stairs to the second floor. It is heavy. Instead, I moved the guest room upstairs. I have so few people who visit me overnight that it’s really not a critical thing for me. I did put a single bed in the room with the treadmill. It didn’t look good but it worked.

Creating a Home Gym

I ended up replacing the carpeting with new flooring so I had to move furniture around. When that happened, I removed the twin bed from what was becoming my  home gym and added my bike with the smart trainer. I began to call this space my cardio room.

I found some old weights and my resistance bands and added those to the room. Finally, I found a jump rope and my dumb bells and added those to the room. I also keep my yoga mat here. There is some shelving in the closet and I’m using that for my running accessories. Now I call this my home gym.

As you can notice from the photo, I have a large TV in the room. I can use the TV for my Zwift bike rides, watch videos while on the treadmill, or stream fitness classes and work out to them.

I intend to add some shelving with hooks so I can hang my race medals and put the trophies I’ve won over the years. Probably a couple of inspirational posters would be a good idea too.

This room feels so inviting for working out. Maybe I won’t return to my gym when it reopens. Well, I am missing some strength equipment and I do miss my classes.

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