Cardio Exercise on the Bike Feels Great

Bike riding feels great! One thing I really love about cardio exercise is the endorphins floating around in my body after a great workout.

Even if it’s not a terribly strenuous exercise, but just a good steady cardio, it feels great.

This morning I took a 20 mile bike ride with a friend and the weather was ideal. The temperature was around 70 and just a light wind was blowing. I had on shirt sleeves and bike shorts, didn’t even need a jacket. Mot a cloud in the sky!

The route I take during the weekends I refer to as the Kent loop. I’ve written about it before. People in Kent probably call it the Stow loop or the Hudson loop, but it travels through all of those communities.

Cardio exercise feels great
A screen shot from Strava.

The bike trail has some hills, bending paths and is 100% pavement. Some of the trail is along side of the road, but most of it is on a bike trail which I find more relaxing.

Part of the trail meanders along the north side of the Cuyahoga River. The water has some small rapids. At Brust Park there were a whole of rubber rafts along the river bank. People were out walking, bike riding and enjoying the weather.

What cardio exercise do you enjoy doing? Running? Biking? Dancing? Swimming? Is it primarily outside or something you do inside? Do you get the same lift from it as I do? Leave me a message below.

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