Pam Sherman’s Big Ass Salad

Are you wondering about the Big Ass Salad?

During our recent podcast interview with Pam Sherman, she mentioned that she has a salad every day.

Not just any salad, but one she refers to as the BAS! The Big Ass Salad. She says the cabbage is more filling than a spring mix.

Jill and I just couldn’t let that go! We needed the recipe… and photos!
Thank you Pam for this delicious inspiration!!

Here’s the recipe for my favorite BAS
Pam Sherman's Big Ass Salad

Spinach – I cut this up as I hate big lettuce leaves
Green cabbage – finely chopped
Fruit – in the winter I use apples or pears, summer, any berry is fantastic
Nut – we love almonds and pistachios but any nut works great
Cheese – crumbled goat is our go to!
Balsamic onions – cook onion until soft(either red/yellow work), add balsamic vinegar and cook down until vinegar is absorbed into the onion.

I do take kitchen scissors and chop up everything finely- it makes it so much easier to eat!

For my Big Ass Salad dressing I use..

1 cup cashew/almond milk
1 Tbl honey mustard
1/2-1 Tbl chopped garlic
few shakes of coconut aminos- worchestershire works as well
1/3 cup while balsamic or red balsamic
1-2 Tbl of hummus to make it creamy!

Mix all in magic bullet or blender.


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