Pushing Through the Roadblocks to get Fit and Strong

I want to be pushing through the roadblocks. I want to be fit and strong, For some reason I think that taking on big challenges, or challenges in general right now, is a good idea.

I fully blame the corona isolation quarantine thing for my exercise stall.

My mental game is different than how it has been the past 12 years of working toward the elusive goal, and now I’m hitting roadblocks. pushing through the roadblocksSeeing this little violet bloom in between the cracks of the concrete driveway inspired me today.

I’m going to revisit the cue/habit thing. I’ll say my mantras. Work my “to-do” list plan my day/week/month. Maybe I can get things clicking like they used to.

The book The Power of Habit really links the cue with the routine and reward. I know that to establish or re-establish a good habit, I really need to focus on the cue and reward to link the routine in the middle.

Having found a routine that I will doing consistently will help my mental state, (and of course, my physical one too.) There are many choices. Treadmill. Walks. Body weight exercises. Dumb bells. Yoga. Online videos. Live gym classes. Bike. Hike.

More importantly than what I do will be to use the cue, routine, reward cycle to help me break through those roadblocks.

Instead of focusing on this is the first Cleveland Marathon not to be held in something like 40 years, I’m going to focus on something within my control, like the 10K steps or the 10 floors of stairs a day.

Do you link cue/routine/reward to build strong good habits? Tell me about it on voice mail 330-970-6662 or leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Pushing Through the Roadblocks to get Fit and Strong”

  1. Chris, I love your fortitude and I am going to reread the Power of Habit! Thanks for the push.

    1. Thanks Suzanne! Believe it or not, writing that post made a difference in my thoughts and actions the last 3 days. I love that book the Power of Habit!

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