2021 Fitbit Goals Halfway Mark

It’s now July 2021 and it’s time to check on my 2021 Fitbit goals halfway mark. At the end of last year, I decided to go for it and set my step goal for the year at 5 million steps. That’s a lot if you ask me. It will be the most steps I’ve gotten in a single year since I started wearing a Fitbit many years ago.

I was going to say that I’m not sure if I can accomplish this goal but then I remembered we’re not supposed to say things like that. Instead, I must say, I will walk 5 million steps this year.

2021 Fitbit Goals Halfway Mark

2021 Fitbit Goals Halfway Mark

I checked in at the end of the first quarter of the year. At the end of March, I had a total of 1,169,909 with an average of 12,999 daily steps.

At the end of June 2021, I had 2,269,020 steps with an average of 12,433 daily steps so I’m falling behind! I should have gotten 2,500,000 to be half way to my goal. I’m behind by almost 231,000 steps. I’m going to to have to kick it into high gear if I want to achieve this goal.

I will have to get a total of 2,730,980 steps for the rest of 2021. July through December to be specific. I’ll have to bump my daily average to close to 15,000 steps per day. That’s a lot of walking!

Penny had better get ready for more walking! She’s loving her Couch to 5K training so I guess we’ll need to do more of that. I get a lot more steps on my run days so I need to improve my commitment to running a few times a week.  Here’s a picture of Penny on the couch. She needs to be doing more of the 5K part!

I’m lucky to have such beautiful trails near me for walking. I guess I need to be doing more of it. Walking that is.

How are you doing on your goals for this year? Let me know how it’s going.

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