Fit After 50 Forever with Lisa Bartlett

Episode 86 Fit After 50 Forever
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In episode 86, Jill and Chris talk with Lisa Bartlett about her running, health challenges and how she stays fit after 50.

Lisa Bartlett is an active member of the Becoming Elli community.

Last year she began to tell us about training for a marathon but then she ended up having to run it virtually because of the pandemic. She persisted and ran the race and even won first place in her age group.

Lisa Bartlett is a 53-year old mom to a 10-year old daughter and special needs teenager, and has a busy real estate business. Lisa was never athletic growing up. Her first athletic endeavor was taking karate lessons in the mid-90s, then she discovered running in 1998, lifting weights, and ice hockey. All that came to a sudden end in 2002 when she became very ill with Lupus, which went diagnosed and untreated until 2013. Now in proper medications, she started running consistently in 2019 completing her first half marathon in December 2019 followed by her first marathon in December 2020. Lisa strives to live a healthy lifestyle for two reasons, to feel good and set a good example for her children and others. And yes, she struggles every single day to make better choices.

We found it very motivational to learn how Lisa has developed a strong mind set and worked to build habits to support daily and long term goals.

We discussed:

* Dealing with illness
* Running the Virtual Buckeye Marathon during the pandemic
* Conditioning, strength and balance
* Lifting and physical therapy
* Her mindset of Fit After 50 Forever
* Her life coach and running coach
* Developing a C.T.F.A.R. mind set to reframe the facts: Circumstance – Thought – Feelings – Action – Results
* Her “go to” smoothie: Okra, strawberry protein powder, stevia, with Himalayan salt
* Her coaching group “Run Your Best Life”
* Exercising in the heat of Arizona
* Work out routines: Bike riding, ice hockey, lifting and running


Her Website: Fit After 50 Forever
Private Becoming Elli Facebook Group
Runkeeper training App
Hasfit video website

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