A Workout Wrap up from Last Week’s Fitness

Most weeks I have a plan for working out but sometimes my week just rolls along. That’s how I felt about last week’s workouts.

Monday – rest day – restorative yoga

After lots of driving for sister weekend, Monday’s workout consisted of a restful day. I find that weekends are usually a busy time for me, so having a Monday yoga class at my gym fits well into the schedule. Restorative yoga is a workout for the brain where you help your body learn to relax. I am learning how to let go, focus on breathing and getting my body to relax.

Tuesday – slow jog

The goldenrod are just starting to open up in this field near my run/jog/walk.

The weather wasn’t cooperating very much on Tuesday, but I did manage to get a few miles in. Tricky with my Achilles Tendonitis acting up, so I keep the pace very slow and tried not to think about the 13.1 miles coming up the end of September.

Wednesday – 17 mile ride

This is my screen capture from Strava, an app on my phone that tracks miles, elevation and speed.

I had a nice ride with my bike riding group through Cuyahoga Valley. We started at Brandywine Falls and rode up to the lookout above Tinkers Creek. Two minutes into my ride, my Catseye mileage thing popped off my handlebars so I turned around to find it. Then I spent the next 5 miles really pedaling hard, trying to catch the front group. That got me breathing hard and it felt good. There’s one pretty big hill that also got my heart pumping hard, so by the end of the ride, I felt I had earned our potluck supper.

Thursday – missed a run

I had planned to run with a running group that I found through a woman at my gym, but ended up having to work late. Boo. 🙁

Friday – gardening

I didn’t get all my steps in, but managed to burn over 2000 calories anyway. Did a bit of gardening, but I feel can’t really call it a workout because I didn’t do a whole lot of heavy breathing. I did get some bending and stretching in.

Saturday – walk/slow jog

Little mini on the workout wrap up
I notice when I walk instead of run, I tend to see more things. How many times have I run past this little mini garden without noticing?

When I woke up my ankle was acting up again. Feeling stiff mostly.  So Saturday’s workout consisted of an hour of walking and slow jog. I listened to an upcoming podcast of Becoming Elli after doing some production work on it, so I was able to multi task to use the time to do an audio proofread of the podcast. I’m psyched about the one that is going to be published on Tuesday. I’m eager to hear your comments on it.

Meanwhile, I did some icing on my calf and ankle when I got back home, followed by heat from the rice bag.  It felt better.

Sunday – 51 mile ride
My big cardio workout of the week turned about to be a bike ride instead of a run, which was more fun and a better workout than I would have gotten on my sore ankle. Four of us took the Valley Parkway up to the marina near the lake, had lunch and rode back. There was a big steep hill at about mile 48, but I managed to ride it all the way up for the final push. Definitely a big effort and a great way to start this next week.

After I got home, my husband and I went to the gym to go swimming. Definitely loosened up my muscles! A great way to finish the weekend.

Workout Wrap Up

This link goes to other women fitness bloggers who do a weekly workout wrap up accountability link up. The Weekly Wrap is organized by the rope-climbing Wendy and Holly, who’s starting a new empty-nest normal. I’m also linking to Liz, a writer who runs in London actually in Birmingham, in the Midlands. – Chris

7 thoughts on “A Workout Wrap up from Last Week’s Fitness”

  1. I agree about Monday. After doing too much on a typical weekend, it’s usually a rest day for me. I hope you found your Cateye bike computer when you turned around. I use one (zip tied to my stem) and it certainly does a great job without breaking the bank! Fingers crossed you get that pesky Achilles issue sorted out soon. Thanks for linking!

    1. Friday is often the day I end up using as a rest day. It used to be my favorite day to go to the gym because nobody was there in the early evening and I thought it was a good way to start the weekend. Now, Friday is often the “catch my breath before the weekend starts” day.

    2. Holly – Yep I found the Cateye mileage thing right away. Of course it fell off in a tunnel and I had my sunglasses on so it took a little looking. Chris

  2. Ugh to the ankle! Looks like you got a lot of fitness done in spite of it! It’s great when you have other things you can do.

    Thanks for linking!

  3. Thanks for the link (though I’m actually in Birmingham, in the Midlands) and good work, fancy having to sprint like mad on your bike to catch up after your mileage thing jumped off – nightmare! Hope the ankle starts to feel better soon.

    1. Hi Liz:
      Thanks, actually this morning, the ankle is a bit better. Hopefully I’ll be doing a “decent” run before you know it!

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