Winter Lunch of Cabbage with Ground Beef and Onions

Maybe because it is winter time, but I’m finding I really love a winter lunch of cabbage with ground beef and onions. Does anyone else like this type of thing? The cabbages in the store have been looking really great this time of year so I find them in my cart after many of my trips to the grocery store.

I may have written about cabbage with ground beef and onions in the past because it is one of my favorite winter lunches.

Making cabbage for lunch easy, full of delicious fiber and pretty healthy. If I was participating in a veggie challenge, this definitely would help me meet the days veggie goal!

First I slice the cabbage up, usually about a third of a nice sized head of cabbage. I cut it into the size of narrow cabbage steaks. sliced-like-cabbage-steaks

Then I turn the cutting board to run the knife thru the cabbage steaks in the other direction to make bite sized chunks.


I cut an onion the same sort of way and put some olive oil in the bottom of my cast iron skillet. When the oil is a little bit heated up, I put the cabbage and onion in and let it brown on medium low heat. cabbage-in-the-skillet-with-onions-and-olive-oilSometimes I add some water so it doesn’t get too dry.

Before combining it with the ground beef, sometimes I remove the cabbage and onion mixture from the pan and brown the ground beef on it’s own.
Cabbage-with-browned-ground-beef-and-onionOther times, I just move the cabbage off to the side and brown the beef.

A little salt and pepper and my winter lunch of cabbage is ready to enjoy.

How about you? Are you one of those people who loves eating cabbage in the winter? Let me know how you prepare it! You can leave a comment below or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

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3 thoughts on “Winter Lunch of Cabbage with Ground Beef and Onions”

    1. Rosemind –
      I just had this again the other night but added mushrooms as well. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  1. I have never made this but it sounds really good. Can you use ground turkey or ground chicken in it? I bet loose sausage would be tasty too.

    I love that our blog is chock full of recipes for cabbage. That must be our number one vegetable.

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