Triathlon Fanatic and World Record Holder Susan Haag

Episode 87

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In episode 87, Jill and Chris talk with triathlon fanatic and world record holder Susan Haag. Susan is an attorney who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She has been running triathlons since 1990 and Ironman races since 2002. Susan Haag is the 1st woman in the world to complete 100 ‘140.6’ races, what’s often called an Ironman distance.

An Ironman race is a triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bicycle ride and a 26.22-mile run. Susan’s currently at 125 & has more on the calendar. During law school, Susan joined a gym and started working out, running, and biking. After seeing a flyer at her gym, she did her first triathlon race. Despite having a flat tire on a borrowed bike and doing doggie paddle for the swimming portion, she was hooked.

Susan keeps a a list and now has completed 475 triathlons with 125 of those being the iron distance!

Susan Haag triathlon fanatic

During this episode we discussed:

  • Why she focuses on encouraging others and the comradery of the race
  • How she keeps herself from getting injured
  • The mental game and keeping a positive attitude
  • What she means by “party in the back”
  • Racing year-round in Florida
  • Running in the world championship race at Kona, Hawaii
  • Why she is a triathlon fanatic
  • Her plans for the future

Where to find her online:


She is an ambassador for many brands: ROAD iD, Perspective Fitwear, Crazy Compression, Picky Bars,The Cupcake Cartel, myTEAM TRIUMPH National, TriBike Transport, Skirt Sports, SBR Sports, Inc., Sur PhytoPerformance, Nuun Hydration and BOCO Gear. She is serves as a board member on several organizations.

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