Enjoying the Trails with Our Dogs

Last weekend Jill and I enjoyed the trails with our dogs when we got our two dogs together to meet and hike for the first time.

Jill’s dog Penny is just over a year old and still a youngster. Peanut turned 9 years old in March. Both dogs are females.

I was very happy that they got along very well. Actually after the initial hello, they basically ignored each other and were much more interested in sniffing the grass and looking at all the geese, other hikers and other dogs.

We hiked the trail at Hudson Spring Park which features some open areas but mostly shade as it circles Hudson Springs Lake. It was mid-afternoon so the weather was still pretty hot, even in the shade, but still so good to stretch our legs!

Spending time together, enjoying the trails with our dogs while talking about Becoming Elli and the joy we get in building the community of women over 50 was really so fun.
enjoying the trails with our dogs
I’m sure we will hike together often with the dogs now that we know that they get along together.

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