The Wonders of Walking

Today, I want to talk about the wonders of walking. It’s an activity that can help our bodies in so many ways. Some of the benefits of walking are:

  • Improves our heart and lung fitness (cardiovascular and respiratory fitness)
  • Improves our mood and reduces anxiety and depression
  • Increases our endurance
  • Helps with balance

Wonders of Walking

One of the best benefits of walking, though, is the opportunity it gives you to see the world. It doesn’t matter where you walk. You can just see a lot of interesting things.

When I go for a run, I’m usually focused on form and speed and my heart rate. I notice what’s around me but I rarely stop to take a photo.  I also can miss things because I’m moving at a faster pace than walking. That’s even though I’m not a fast runner.

Walking lets you notice changes in your neighborhood. For example, I’ve discovered houses for sale while out walking or noticing that someone seems to be struggling to take care of their yard. I have noticed multiple houses having their roofs replaced. Does that mean there was a storm that went through or an effective salesperson?

I love to walk on trails in the parks around me so I can see a great variety of wildlife that way. Turtles, blue herons, chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, deer, geese, and a wide range of other birds are all around me. I also find wild flowers and notice the great variety of trees in the area. A variety of birds are chirping and calling to each other.

Recently I walked on a bike and hike trail. It’s paved and well used by the community. I saw kids riding bikes, bicyclists swooping past on their fancy road bikes, couples out walking together, mothers pushing strollers, and teens playing Pokemon Go, and still managed to enjoy myself. Seeing members of your community out enjoying walking too feels great.

This is the mental health aspect of walking, I guess. It’s a great way to reduce anxiety and just feel better about the world. I try to take photos of some of the things I see.

What do you see on your walks? What brings you the wonders of walking?

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