Bike Ride Recap of the 2019 Buckeye Breakaway

Fun. Challenging. Hot. Lots of food and laughs. Exhausting. Sleep Depriving. Happy. Silly. Tiring. Inspiring. Great.

The recap of the bike ride for 2019 Buckeye Breakaway with my team the SOB’s was all these things and more. Take a couple minutes to watch the video below with the Skiers on Bikes, read this recap and learn about my experiences this year!!

About my bike:
My bike is a 1988 53″ Cannondale with downtube shifters that we bought from Craigslist in 2012. The previous owner barely rode it and it was like new. Except for the bent fork. I suspect during one of their first rides, they ran into a ditch and then didn’t ride again. Then 24 years later I bought it. The bike is 31 years old (half my age!) and still has a lot of umph left.

bike ride recap
My Goals for the Buckeye Breakaway:

This year for the ride, I used the idea of an A, B and C goal to help me define success.  Overall, I met with success because I

A) HAD A LOT of FUN! Lots of silly times and fun jokes along the way.

B) Met my fundraising goal and even went over. Thanks to all those who provided support.

C) Rode all 75 miles the first day, but only 36 miles the second day. So this goal fell a little short, but I feel the effort was an overall success.

This was my annual big ride event (you can read about all my yearly experiences here.) It’s like reading 9 years of a bike ride recap! Click thru to find out:

  • How many MS rides have I ridden?
  • Why do I ride?
  • What’s it like?
  • What do we eat?
  • Where do we sleep?
  • How long does it take?
  • Is it hard?
  • Is it fun?
  • Is it hot?
  • Did it rain?

There were many funny and inspiring stories from the 2019 ride that I want to include in this bike ride recap:
Here are just a few stories:

  • Second morning as we were riding out of town, the sun was coming up. A little rooster was Cack-a-Doo-Doodle-Doing all over the place seeing all the bike riders going past. It was like he was talking to us! While the seat was uncomfortable, the weather was perfect.
  • We rode past a whole group of goats (flock? gaggle?) and I had to stop to get a photo. Reminded me of goat yoga. I think I’m the only one that thinks Goat Cycling is funny. Okay, I’ve got a quirky sense of humor.
  • We got a corn photo too, and got a SAG driver in trouble for stopping to take our picture!
  • There was a blue bike on the ride that had a seat approximately 9 feet off the ground. I don’t know how the guy even got on it!
  • While riding up some steep hills Sunday morning I was super inspired by the handcyclist in front of me. I don’t know that she had MS, but she sure had a whole lot of spunk, heart and determination! I think she did better than I did on day two for sure this year!
  • I also met a guy who posed under the big orange inflatable for a photo. He had a bunch of medals around his neck from many different years. When I congratulated him, he said, “Yeah, I’ve ridden this 15 years… 14 of them after I was diagnosed with MS.”

Wow. That’s inspiration.

I’m glad I did it. Although I’ve spent the last few days trying to get my “oomph” back, I’m already to commit to next year! How about you? Want to join us?

Do you have a big physical challenging event each year? What is it? How do you prepare? If it doesn’t go exactly to plan, how do you regroup? What’s next on your goal list? Let me know by leaving a phone message at 330-970-6662 or an email to Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Bike Ride Recap of the 2019 Buckeye Breakaway”

  1. Liked your video. The MS Ride is my go to ride every year. This was my 15th and enjoyed it like it was my first. Your right about the weather, very nice. I’m already looking toward next year, God Willing. So till next year, keep pedaling

    1. Thanks Bob! Glad you liked my video! Wow, 15 years!! I’m sure I saw you at some point on the rides or at the rest stops! What team do you ride with?

  2. Thanks, Jill. I get a lot of enjoyment and inspiration out of this ride. I helps me keep perspective!!

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