Sheet Pan Veggie Soup

Loyal readers will know how much I enjoy sheet pan recipes, so this week I tried a new recipe that I’m calling Sheet Pan Veggie Soup. I’m considering this month the start of my Veggie Challenge 2023, since my garden vegetables are really in their prime!

The ingredients are the left over vegetables that are getting a little tired from staying in my refrigerator. Namely, the cauliflower that was given to me by my daughter and a huge pepper from our garden. I hadn’t been in the mood to eat these earlier and I wanted to use them before they got too tired.

So I turned on the over to 425 degrees and lined a cookie sheet with tin foil. roasting veggies for soup, sheet pan veggie soup
I chopped the cauliflower, carrots, and onion into large pieces. The really big homegrown tomato and the giant bell pepper were sliced into chunks. The pepper was home grown and both red and green color but I believe it was a bell pepper.

I set the timer so it all could roast for 25 minutes.

After the buzzer went off, I placed all the roasted vegetables into the Vitamix blender with some water. I probably should have had more water, since I only added maybe a cup of water to the blender. It not only makes it easier to blend, the consistency of the soup wouldn’t have been so thick. I didn’t expect to have it as full as that with the veggies! I almost filled the entire blender with the roasted vegetables.sheet plan veggie soup in blender

This Vitamix blender has a soup setting, so I used that. It blended for about 5 minutes (and got hot!) I hadn’t made soup in the blender recently so I forgot how it makes HOT soup! sheet plan veggie soup blended

The final soup was very, very thick. In fact a spoon could probably stand up in this cup!sheet plan veggie soup cup
I should have added more water for that many vegetables, because it was more like the consistency of a really thick gravy or thin mashed potatoes.

Delicious, it tasted great! I ended up eating it for lunch and dinner with some protein on the side. The roasted tomato gave it the color.

Next time: I am adding more spices. I didn’t even have salt in this one! Also it needed more water and I’m going to leave out the tomato. Put olive oil on the roasting vegetables.

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