Improve Your Healthy Immune System with Dr. Victoria Shaw

Improve Your Healthy Immune System – Episode 57

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In Episode #57, Jill and Chris talk with Dr. Victoria Shaw about self care to help you improve your healthy immune system. This episode is particularly helpful and timely since we are in the middle of the the COVID-19 pandemic.

She has an extensive educational background:

Dr. Shaw received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Case Western Reserve University, her Master of Science in Nursing from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her Bachelor of Arts from Pennsylvania State University. She also has additional credentials and certifications from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Cornell University, Princeton Biofeedback Center, and the Center for Mind Body Medicine… among others. As a nurse practitioner, health and wellness coach and a facilitator of compassionate change, Dr. Shaw combines cutting edge, evidence-based science with time honored wisdom to help her clients feel better, sleep better and relieve bothersome symptoms…

During this episode we discuss:

  • What is the immune system?
  • The effects of stress on a healthy immune system
  • How can we improve the health of our immune system?
  • How can we improve our sleep?
  • Insights into food sensitives and food allergies.
  • The differences between mindfulness and meditation
  • How they improve the immune system
  • How to get some mindfulness into your day if you don’t have a mindfulness practice
  • We talk about how to eat right, avoid stress, and ways of getting good sleep:

Dr. Victoria Shaw has prepared this 4 page PDF handout to download: Self Care to Improve Your Immune System.

You can find her online at her Facebook Coaching and Consulting page.

Some of the links mentioned during this episode for practicing mind body exercises: HeartMath an app that usually costs for $30 for access, is currently available for free due to COVID-19. It helps to better manage stressful emotions and Increase resilience. You can learn more about the science behind HeartMath here.

Her mentor is Richard Miller who has several iRest videos available here:
20 minutes  27 minutes 35 minutes  1 hour 46 minutes

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