How We Ran a Half Marathon

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In podcast episode number 19 of Becoming Elli, Jill and Chris discuss how they ran a half marathon. Today’s podcast covers before, during and after the 13.1 challenge.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

Our preparation:

  • Running plans leading up to it
  • The expo
  • Our cross training plans
  • Shoes
  • Practice fueling
  • KT tape

The actual race on Sept 29, 2018 in Akron:

  • The Course
  • Waterstations

What we did afterwards:

  • Fuel: Chocolate milk and banana
  • ice bath
  • What didn’t work

Are you planning a challenging race in the near future?

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5 thoughts on “How We Ran a Half Marathon”

  1. Hi girls
    I listened to “How we Ran a Half Marathon” yesterday on my recovery day walk as I am preparing for my 5th or 6th half marathon in September (2019). I haven’t ran one in two years so I was interested in reminding myself of all the points of preparation. Glad to know we have some of the same struggles with how much to eat and not get hungry and what to eat to sustain you to the end. I’ve always been real nervous about overeating the night before and then getting bogged down on a full stomach and of course have to make pit stops doesn’t help your time right? I have found that eating more in the days before (carb loading works for me) then tapering off just as you do your running leading up to the race. Nerves prior to the race tend to make me crazy. Always afraid that I didn’t train enough OR heaven forbid I come in LAST…lol! I do not like the gels and I also don’t like eating anything dry because its almost like it doesn’t want to go down!!! I like cutting beef jerky into small bites or maybe some (not so spicy) peperoni sticks and having them easy to get to. Also, I like the electrolyte drinks that they sometimes have a water stations. The protein balls are good too as long as they are really moist. Anyway, I heard you say that your Akron Marathon had something like 13,000 people which is wonderful. Here in Washington State (Spokane is two hours from me) we have what’s called “Bloomsday” in May. Spokane is known as the Lilac city. The Bloomsday race is 7.46 miles and usually hosts around 53,000 participants!! That’s right! It’s a ball! It hosts everyone from elite runners from all around the world to moms pushing strollers. Just like your race there are lots of bands, food, spectators AND college guys handing out beer and maple bars. We also bring unwanted jackets to wear in the morning while waiting for the start time when its chilly. The jackets are then tossed up into the trees in downtown Spokane and later donated to homeless shelters. So just thought I would chime in with some thoughts. Check it out! Also, my favorite full and half marathon to run is the Windermere Marathon in Spokane WA. Flat miles along the Centennial trail from Liberty Lake WA to downtown Spokane at River Front Park. The Centenial Trail runs along the Spokane River.
    Loving the podcasts! Keep them coming.

    1. Susan, it is so cool to hear that your race also has thousands of runners! (I can’t imagine being in a race with 53,000 people!! WOW!) I bet all those morning jackets that are discarded are very welcome later at the homeless shelters! I have never tried beef jerky or pepperoni sticks during a race. Not sure it would work for me, but they are good protein, right? I’m still working on nerves for races and for all the things outside my comfort zone! Thanks for leaving your comments!! – Chris

    2. Susan, thank you so much for this thoughtful comment. One thing I’ve decided to do is to look around for different races to do. I think different places have great races and it’s such a fun way to see a city or area. It’s definitely different to see a place while on foot.

      We all mess with our heads with this stuff, don’t we? It’s sort of funny because we worry so much and it’s never the things that we worry about that happens. It’s usually something else.

      I too find the gels to be hard to handle. Real food does better for me but it has to be easy to swallow and easy to digest while running.

      I’m so glad you found us and keep on commenting!

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