Finding Joy Through Creativity with Tracy Keenan

Episode 73

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In episode 73 Jill and Chris talk with Tracy Keenan about finding joy through creativity.  Jill has known Tracy Keenan since high school. Over the years they lost touch with each other, and then thanks to social media and a high school reunion, became reacquainted. Tracy Keenan is a Presbyterian pastor, an Enneagram-based coach, and sees creative work as essential to sanity, health, and well-being.

Tracy studied music as an undergraduate, and has continued writing and performing music, but she actually has her degree in Early Childhood Education. She has both a masters and doctorate in ministry, has pastored 4 churches in the course of 30 years, and is now a mid-council leader in New Castle Presbytery in Delaware.

We talked about live giving energy and how knowing more about yourself will help you to integrate stress tools to move and grow beyond where you are. Self awareness of your emotions and impulses helps you to make choices with wisdom.

Tracy sparks joy and enthusiasm with music and her writing. She cherishes friendships among a wide variety of people from various traditions,
conditions, religions, and opinions. She and her husband Jim Mehler have two grown daughters. She writes music, fiction, and poetry, rides a Harley, and looks for the joy.

For more information about:Enneagram of Personality, the nine types of personality, and Tracy’s music click through the links.

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