Everyone Knows Women Can’t Do Dips or Pull-ups

Yes, “everyone knows women can’t do dips or pull-ups” is what I recently heard a young woman say. Young as in 28 years old. And who apparently goes to a bootcamp class somewhere.

She complained that she can’t do dips and said that of course she can’t do pullups. Because, yes, you got it, “everyone knows women can’t do dips or pulls.” The only good thing I can say is that at least she didn’t add any age to it. Her belief is for ALL women.

Women Can’t Do Dips or Pull-ups. Or, Can They?

Sheesh. Several women in the Becoming Elli Facebook group are working towards doing a pull up. I was able to do a pull up a few years ago. I can do a dip today. OK, maybe my arms might shake a bit but I can do it. And I guess I should say that I usually do bench dips or I use the dip machine.

I love the dip/pull-up machine. It’s one of my favorite pieces of equipment at the gym. And you know what? I see women use it frequently.

I get that doing some things can be hard. Difficult, even. But if you set a goal and work at it, usually you can get there.

If you go through life saying it’s impossible to do something, then of course it’s impossible to do it. If you don’t try, you can’t succeed.

I’m still impressed by Pam Sherman who we interviewed in Episode 59. She does pull ups every day.

Obviously, this young woman is struggling and so justifies her frustration by saying it’s impossible. That’s despite it clearly being possible. It makes me wonder if there’s anything that I’m saying is impossible that I could actually do.

What about you? Is there anything that you find yourself saying, “oh everyone knows that’s impossible.” Share with me if there is.



4 thoughts on “Everyone Knows Women Can’t Do Dips or Pull-ups”

  1. I liked the big hint that Pam Sherman gave us about practicing by lowering yourself first!

    When I was working on doing chin ups, I used a band to stand on. There were different colors, blue/green/red… They represented different weights.

    1. Yes, negative pull ups are a great way to build strength. Assisted pull ups with the bands work well too.

      I’m working on increasing weight for an overhead press right now, trying to increase my strength.

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