Best Podcasts for Women Over 50 – Health and Fitness Category

What makes a good podcast? Good sound quality, consistent publishing, relate-ability, great guests… these are all things that come to mind. Making a podcast that people find motivational and inspirational, well, to me, that makes a great podcast.

So you can imagine that finding out that our podcast was actually including by FeedSpot as one top women’s fitness podcasts (and they weren’t even talking about women over 50) was really exciting to me!

We recently mentioned that our podcast made the list for FeedSpot in the number two position for The 15 Best Women’s Fitness Podcasts for 2023.

The list is chock full of great podcasts and I decided to look at some of the other January lists to see what they are saying. Of course these lists are often changing and updating.

Right now Player FM lists our podcast as #3 in the Best Women’s Health and Fitness podcasts. I do think that the ranking shifts continually based on how often the podcast is updated.

One of the statistic that Jill and I heard was that the average podcast only launches 7 episodes before they give up.

Considering we just finished releasing episode #122, I don’t think we have to worry about that! I find that many of our guests also have terrific podcasts that I find very motivational and full of information. I love getting motivated and inspired by listening to a podcast while I workout or take a walk on the nearby trails.

The 55+ Life Magazine included our Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast in their article in January 2022 called The Best Fitness Podcast for People Over 50.

I found a list from 2020 that talked about the best health and fitness podcasts for women, but many of the podcasts that they listed were hosted by men. I am wondering that perhaps more men create podcasts then women, but that is just a guess on my part. I guess it doesn’t really matter if it is hosted by men or women, right?

I’m just very happy that our podcast subscriptions continue to grow. If you enjoy our podcast, please tell a friend.

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