Back on the Bike

Last weekend I got back on the bike and managed to get a good 22-mile ride. First ride in a while! It was thanks to my bike riding buddy who sent a text and I couldn’t say no.

Wow did it feel great to be back on the bike!!! Definitely my happy place.

I know some folks are riding as groups again, but I’m not interested in doing that now. I breathe too hard when I’m riding!!

back on the bike
In case the bike looks weird to you… I was about it put it into my car, so the front wheel is off. 😉

We left at 7 am before most people even wake up on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect! Not too hot, but lots of sun.

As we rode, the temperature rose. And over the next two hours there were more people on the trails, most wearing masks.

As a bike rider, I did not wear a mask, but I did have my usual bandana and pulled it up over my mouth and nose while passing walkers. Most of the walkers were older and wearing masks.

It’s almost like the early morning hours have become the perfect hours for older people who are trying to avoid other people.

Like most women in the Becoming Elli Community, I’m trying to stay fit and strong. Getting a bike ride with a good friend when the weather is great and the trails are almost empty was especially awesome, as we are still fighting the spread of the virus.

Like many others, my parents are in the super high risk category of COVID-19. With the recent doctor visits and near future visits, I don’t want to take any chances with them.  But I also know how critically important it is for my mental and physical health to get out on my bike!

What’s your go-to exercise that you absolutely love?!? Are you able to do it at this stage of the quarantine? Please leave a message in the comments below, on our voicemail at 330-970-6662 or email me at

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