Adding More Walking to My Daily Routine

I’ve been adding more steps than usual to my daily routines and have found some new trails to enjoy as well.

While walking isn’t a super push push push, I added some dumbbells (#12 and #10) to add alittle extra umph to my walk on Thursday morning.

The very humid weather makes it more important for me to get out early. I have found that over the years, I need to be inside and cooler during the mid day heat. Today’s temperature is due to get to 93 degrees F (33.88 celcius.)

Today’s goal, get the walk in before it gets too hot!

2 thoughts on “Adding More Walking to My Daily Routine”

  1. Hi Chris…today was my first day back from our camping trip and my goal was also to get out and get my walk in before the heat…mission accomplished. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get up early enough because once we returned from our trip we had to go shopping for a birthday gift and head to a party. It was a late night but I set my alarm and got myself out there. It was nice to get back to my normal routine. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again so back to back goals for me. Glad you got your walk in…I like the idea of walking with dumbbells . I saw someone today wearing ankle weights…hmmm

    1. Yeah, when the extra weight of carrying dumbbells seemed heavy, I just think about, “hey, you used to carry more weight than this on your body 24/7!”
      When I was first losing weight, one thing that seems odd, but held me back from losing is that I didn’t want to be weak. I equated thin with not strong. Carrying some extra weight does tend to make you strong, so now I try to do it with some weight that I can easily put down.

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