The Path to Fitness is Often Twisty & Bumpy

My path to fitness is rarely straight, easy or simple.

It is complicated.

Twisty and Bumpy. Winding, with detours. Fall. Bounce back. Look for new options.

When Jill and I ask our podcast guests, “How do you define fit?” They usually answer with something that combines mental and physical fitness. In our podcast and our private Facebook group/community, we talk about both.

Life has ups and downs. COVID-19 has been a real adjustment for me. Most of my go-to support systems have changed. Grief is always hard, but made harder during a pandemic. Celebrations are also harder. Just everyday life requires thinking about the steps to keep safe, healthy and strong.

I’ve only been riding my bike about once a week, but it’s become a huge help to my mental fitness. I think good friends make all the difference.

While I continue to do some strength training at home, getting outside and seeing other people – even from a distance – has made a huge difference to me.

This past week I had the opportunity to take a socially distanced walk with my dear friend Jill. Very good for the soul.

This photo is of one of the places I really love in the 22 mile loop hike bike trail I love to ride. It reminds me that the path isn’t straight or downhill or even always clear (although this photo is ha ha.)

Keeping going. Getting back on the horse (or bike.) Making an effort. Each day I can do something that will support my commitment to being fit and strong — both mentally and physically.

Today I am reminding myself that I am strong and I can do hard things… even when the path to fitness is twisty and bumpy.

What’s your mantra for today? Does your path take a U-turn when you’re not expecting it? Let me know by leaving a message below or a voice mail at 330-970-6662. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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