Weight Loss after 50 with Lisa Swanson

Episode 115 – Weight Loss after 50 with Lisa Swanson

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In episode number 115, Chris and Jill speak with Lisa Swanson, a sought-after expert who helps women over 50 crush their weight loss goals in a naturally progressive way that boosts metabolism, burns belly fat and keeps it off.

Through her signature B.A.S.E. model, combining fitness, nutrition and mindset, women over 50 get the results they’ve been struggling to get on their own without deprivation diets or hours in the gym.

She teaches her clients how to enjoy the journey and let go of limiting beliefs that may hold them back.

Lisa is a Certified Health Coach, personal trainer, orthopedic exercise specialist through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and a nutritionist through Precision Nutrition and the American Academy of Sport Dietitians and Nutritionists (AASDN) and she has 35 years of experience.

During this episode we discussed:

  • Why weight loss after 50 is different than when we were younger
  • How does menopause affect our bodies
  • What weight and fitness problems are linked to menopause
  • Why she combines fitness, nutrition and mindset in her work
  • How she handles fitness, nutrition and mindset with her clients
  • How she helps her clients stay motivated
  • The value of goal setting
  • What she recommends for cardio and weight training for women over 50
  • The metabolic framework
  • Her personal morning routine

Links to follow Lisa Swanson:
Website: www.bodyandsoulcoaching.com
Instagram LisaSwansonFit
LinkedIn: LisaSwansonFit

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