Nutrition Mechanic with Dina Griffin

Episode 119 – Nutrition Mechanic with Dina Griffin

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In episode 119, Jill and Chris speak with Dina Griffin, a Sports Performance Dietitian with a passion for optimizing women’s health and providing personalized nutrition to endurance athletes.

Dina Griffin, MS, RDN, CSSD is the Owner and Founder of The Nutrition Mechanic, a nutrition coaching and resource company based out of Boulder, Colorado. As a Sport and Performance Dietitian, Dina works with all levels of adult endurance athletes to optimize health, vitality, and performance. She blends science-based and evidence-informed strategies along with “real life” considerations to devise personalized and sustainable nutrition plans.

Dina has a particular passion for working with women’s health, peri- and post-menopause, masters and ultra athletes, and supporting individuals who have a metabolic condition.

Dina is also the co-host of the Inside Sports Nutrition podcast, which covers a wide array of topics on all things related to “real life” sports nutrition.

“Consider a variety of things: How fast do you eat? What do you eat? Quality of the food? How much? Timing of the food.”

Some of the tips she mentioned: Prioritize vegetables for fiber rich foods.  You’ll need a combo of nutrition and exercise to maximize metabolic efficiency. It’s the pattern of nutrition changes that affect it more than the exercise. Focus on food that is protein rich, with non-starchy complex carbs and healthy fats. The more you can stabilize your blood sugar curve, the more your fat stores become available.

We discussed:

  • peri and post menopause
  • how nutritional needs vary for women over 50
  • nutrition for female endurance athletes
  • how much protein to eat based on your body size
  • metabolic efficiency
  • testing for women over 50 available at her website
  • supplements
  • recipes and food plans



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