Living Energized & Nourished with Amanda Nighbert

Episode 96 – Living Energized & Nourished

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In episode 96, Jill and Chris interview Amanda Nighbert, a registered dietitian who specializes in weight loss nutrition. She is also an avid fitness enthusiast.

Amanda is passionate about empowering people to break the all or nothing mindset. She wants us to find how to make changes that are sustainable and let us find long term weight loss success.

She has worked in the weight loss field for over 19 years to help thousands of people reach their wellness goals, but is a strong believer that dieting is temporary and it is more important to focus on lifestyle changes to see long term weight loss success. Amanda offers a custom LEAN program (LEAN stands for Living Energized And Nourished), coaching services, and a variety of other offerings to give us the tools and resources to find our best selves. She also gave a Ted talk in March 2021 on this topic.

Discussed in this podcast:

  • Factors need to be overcome to lose weight and keep it off for women going through peri-menopause or already in menopause.
  • Sleep matters. You can help set your circadian clock by getting get light into your eyes in the morning.
  • Reduce inflammation to help reduce abdominal fat, heart burn, and joint pain.
  • Strength building for increasing muscle mass and improving your body composition.
  • Habit tracking is a key. Share your email with Amanda and receive a free habit tracker:
  • As we age, we lose muscle mass and we need to be eating enough protein. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass. Our body’s ability to utilize protein lessens.
  • The most important macro nutrition for weight loss.

She stresses the importance of strength training. Women often replace strength training is often replaced with cardio. You want to build muscle mass because your strength work out benefits you up to 36 hours after lifting.

Amanda recommends:

* We should focus on progress, not perfection.
* Focus on eating healthy 80% of the time, not 100%.
* Start somewhere, because something is better than nothing.
* Snacking has ruined us, we should do 12 hours of fasting everyone from a 1 year old to a 101 year old.
* Intermittent Fasting Facts and Myths: Myth: you are starving yourself and it slows down your metabolism. Fact: we are very efficient and productive in a fasted state.

Some of her food favorites:

* having breakfast for dinner example, like an egg omelette
* tacos
* salad
* spaghetti squash
* zoodles (zucchini noodles)

Links mentioned during this episode:

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